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Student Support


Support A Child


Project Amigo provides an incentive program supporting elementary school children with the goal of
keeping them in school! This program helps pay for activities that these children would never have a
chance to experience such as:

  • going on a field trip to see the ocean for the very first time

  • seeing the release of baby turtles and spending time at a beach

  • spending a day at a lake with lunch, a zipline, playing games

  • learning how to swim during swim week and receive backpacks with school supplies

  • attending the Christmas Fiesta receiving a new set of clothes, pair of shoes, book and toy,
    seeing Santa and enjoying the best Christmas Party ever!

  • receiving special medical and dental care when required and other support when needed


Sponsor A Student


The costs of attending junior high and high school are beyond the means of many rural families.  Without sponsorship, schooling for most children served by Project Amigo would end at sixth grade, and they would begin working in menial jobs, locked for life into a world of grinding poverty. Though sponsorships and donations to our Sponsorship Fund, Project Amigo is opening a new future for these children.

Tech School /
University Sponsorship

Sponsorship recipents who successfully complete high school may be eligible for a Project Amigo University and Technical Sponsorship to attend educational institutions in Colima, Mexico. With your support, Project Amigo graduates have become doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, and community leaders. When these students enter a profession, they break the cycle of poverty that has imprisoned their family for generations. Your donation to our University and Technical Sponsorship Fund opens horizons of opportunity these students and their parents have only dreamed about.


See Service Weeks Information

Each winter Canadian Volunteers come to Project Amigo to work, meet the students, and learn more
about the people and culture of western Mexico. Humanitarian work can include distribution of children’s books to poor rural schools, interacting with junior high and high school sponsorship recipients at their homework clubs, helping prepare for the annual Christmas Fiesta for 300 children, and distributing clothing and basic essentials to families in migrant sugar cane camps, or reading and playing with children in orphanages who need some extra attention.


Corporate Sponsor

Let Project Amigo be your partner in international service, offering a reputable, experienced, and deeply significant humanitarian dimension to your corporate mission and portfolio.

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