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A Special Tribute to Elly & Ramiro Contreras

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

For more than 15 years, Elly and her husband Ramiro have been involved in Project Amigo since attending their first volunteer service week in 2008. Elly was instrumental in forming Project Amigo Canada Society and first to serve as President in 2012-2015, Past President in 2016, and since then has served as our Canadian Liaison. She and Ramiro have also taken a turn as Project Amigo Volunteer Service Week Coordinators.

Elly has dedicated hundreds of hours promoting and educating people about the program and she continues to share many success stories. She has decided to retire in order to devote more time on her personal health, helping Ramiro with his health challenges, to enjoy travel, visiting family, friends and experiencing other activities.

We are so grateful for her passion and her dedication to Project Amigo in so many ways. She has been a fund raiser extraordinaire, built many relationships with so many of our donors and Rotary Clubs, made countless presentations, provided assistance with the newsletters, website, and the coordination of many volunteer service weeks.

We are currently working with her to ensure there is a smooth transition with all that she has been involved in.

Words cannot express the significant impact she has made on the success of Project Amigo Canada Society and the difference we are making in the lives of hundreds of students to ensure they are educated and can fulfill their dream careers.

A million thanks Elly and Ramiro for your dedication to Project Amigo!

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