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Sponsorship Renewal




When Tom and Stephanie Smith started sponsoring Luz they made a promise; During a visiting to Project Amigo Tom met up with Luz and her Mom for dinner and Tom told Mom:

“As long as you keep Luz in school, we will support her”.

The Smiths were so proud of Luz when she graduated from Primary School and went into her first year of Junior High.

Then this summer Tom and Stephanie received a letter in which Luz expressed her gratitude and regret that she finished her year with an 8.1 GPA, which is not high enough to continue in the Sponsorship Program, which required at least an 8.5 GPA. READ HERE what happened next.

Ending poverty with education!

From February 20 to 27, 2022

you will meet our Suchitlan students and take part in a number of Canadian Themed fun activities. Our students will learn about Canada and you will learn about Suchitlan and area. For those wishing to roll up their sleeves there will be several hands on projects, and there will be lots of opportunities to meet the students and some of the parents, while we learn about their culture.

Register for Canadiana Week HERE

Education and Culture in Mexico

Dropout rates in Mexico traditionally are close to 50% by the end of formal schooling, family factors being the most predictive for these dropouts. At Project Amigo we work very hard to support our students and help them make the transition from Primary to Secondary school. With the support from our donors and the hard work of our student services staff, Project Amigo students have a much lower dropout rate than the average student.

It can be disappointing when we sponsor a student for a few years, to learn that they did not make the grade or are unable to continue their studies. We must be aware however, that there have been achievements during the student's six year in school. Even if only the fact that they learned how to read. With your sponsorship, we were able to help them prepare for the future, give them hope and Even if they do drop out. Our support has not been in vain.

If your student dropped out of the program. we will be happy to match you up with a different student. CONTACT US


Thank You to Project Amigo staff and volunteers, who spend numerous hours interviewing students for the sponsorship selection process that takes place late July. For each of the students selected they prepared a bio with photo, which you receive if you sponsor one of our students.


We will answer all your questions about the upcoming Volunteer Weeks and the exciting activities we have planned just for you. Mark Your Calendar

Based on the number of inquiries about the upcoming Volunteer Weeks, we are hosting TWO information Zoom sessions to inform you about the activities we have planned for those interested in Joining us this winter and will be happy to answer all your questions.

September 16, at 8:00 pm (MDT)

Focus on January 23-30 - English Tutoring/Computer Inauguration Week

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

September 23 at 8:00 pm (MDT)

Focus on February 20-27 - Canadiana Week

Feel free to send in your questions in advance, to allow us to prepare.

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