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Project Amigo Canada Society Newsletter - 1st Quarter

Great news for our Canadian supporters


Welcome to our first REAL CANADIAN bulletin, which will be published quarterly just for you, our Canadian Supporter. As a subscriber you will receive updates and learn how our students are doing and what you can do to help them succeed to obtain a better life for them and their family. Do you have a story or memory from your involvement? We'd love to hear from you. Please send your comments and suggestions HERE You will also be happy to know that Project Amigo Canada has launched a brand new website with a link that will be easier to remember and navigate. to avoid confusion, we kindly ask all Canadians to make their donations from the Canadian website only. CHECK IT OUT!!


Register for a Volunteer Week and WIN

All our students really missed you last Volunteering Season. CLICK HERE to listen to their message. We are sure you missed them as well, and hope you are planning to join us the upcoming season and spend time with our students, experience our rich culture, enjoy the wonderful meals and the warm Mexican weather, and of course, do some volunteer work. We expect this winter to be the busiest Volunteer Weeks season in the history of Project Amigo. Check out the various themes and schedule HERE There are two specific weeks we like to bring your attention to: January 23-30, 2022 English Tutoring/Computer Project Inauguration. February 19-26, 2022 Canadiana/Meet Suchitlan. Any “Canadian” registering prior to September 1st for a Volunteer Week for 2021-2022 Season, will have their name put into a draw to WIN the registration cost . Value $1500.00 Some of the weeks are already filling up so REGISTER NOW


Our students need your help This past year, thousands of Mexican

children were without access to wifi or computers due to school closures; As a result, nearly SIX MILLION children will drop out of school this year. Students enrolled in our program were very fortunate with the excellent support from our staff and the (although limited) access to computers in our study centres. PACS' future focus will be on the students and our study centre in the village of Suchitlan. We are asking for your support to allow more children an opportunity to advance their studies please DONATE NOW


Queseria Sewing Club

Isn't it amazing, how a few people's act of kindness and generosity can make such a huge difference in the lives of many? READ HERE how several women in the Simon Bolivar Migrant Workers Camp in Queseria have been given an opportunity to earn a little extra money through the gift of sewing machines.

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